Twin Core Photovoltaic Cable
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Twin Core Photovoltaic Cable

Twin core photovoltaic cable is specifically designed for solar power systems. It consists of two conductors, made of copper, that are insulated and protected by a durable outer jacket. The insulation on the conductors is typically made of a high-quality cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), which provides excellent electrical insulation and weather resistance. Twin core photovoltaic cable is available in various sizes and lengths to accommodate different installation requirements. Twin core photovoltaic cable of SOWELLSOLAR is competitive

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Product Description

Twin core photovoltaic cable is a reliable and efficient solution for connecting solar panels to the rest of the solar power system. Its design and construction are specifically tailored to the unique demands of solar installations, making it a crucial component in any solar energy system. Twin core photovoltaic cable also is used in 1500V DC. Solar energy systems. In comparison, Twin core photovoltaic cables have the characteristics of temperature resistance, cold resistance, UV resistance, flame resistance, and environmental protection. Twin core photovoltaic cable is not common but many people will choose them to save the cost. Our products are in good quality.

Cross Section: double core

Conductor: class 5 Tinned copper

Rated Voltage: 1500V DC

Insulation and Jacket Material: Irradiation cross-linked polyolefin, Halogen-free

Cross Section: 2.5mm2-10mm2

Max. Conductor Temperature: 120℃

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