1000V Photovoltaic Cable

SOWELLSOLAR is one of the professional 1000V Photovoltaic Cable manufacturers and suppliers in China. SOWELLSOLAR manufactures a variety of photovoltaic cables, featuring different voltage ratings and conductor types, including 1000V, 1500V, and 2000V. These cables play a crucial role in connecting solar panels to inverters or charge controllers, facilitating the conversion and utilization of generated electricity.

The 1000V Photovoltaic Cable, initially introduced by TUV Rhein in 2007 with the product model PV1-F, remains a key standard in our country. Its rated voltage of 1000V makes it well-suited for various solar applications. It's important to note that the system rated voltage is 1000V, not 1800V, which represents the rated voltage between the conductors. Users selecting this photovoltaic cable standard should consider the ground rated voltage of 1000V as the system rated voltage.

This 1000V Photovoltaic Cable is crafted with essential components, including an electron-beam cross-linked XLPO material and a tinned copper conductor. The high-quality tinned copper conductor provides resistance to oxidation, contributing to an extended service life of the cable. Choose SOWELLSOLAR for reliable and durable photovoltaic cables that adhere to industry standards and ensure efficient energy conversion.

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1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable

1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable

SOWELLSOLAR manufacture different voltage and different conductor types of photovoltaic cables, 1000V,1500V,2000V. It is used to connect the solar panels to the inverter or charge controller, allowing the generated electricity to be converted and used. 1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable was first officially released by TUV Rhein in 2007, the product model is PV1-F. The rated voltage is 1000V and it is still one of the main standards of our country. The system rated voltage is 1000V not 1800V, 1800V is the rated voltage between the conductors. When the user selects this standard of photovoltaic cable, it should refer to the ground rated voltage 1000V as the system rated voltage. Electron- beam cross-linked XLPO material and tinned copper conductor are necessary. High-quality tinned copper conductor is anti-oxidation and increases service life.

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SOWELLSOLAR is one of the professional 1000V Photovoltaic Cable manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. SOWELLSOLAR has CE, UL and TUV certifications. If you are interested in our customized and high quality 1000V Photovoltaic Cable, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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