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About Us

Zhejiang Sowell Electric Co., Ltd. start business of solar industry in 2006. In the initial stage, we participated in product certification under a series of standards, such as 2 PFG 1161, DIN V VDE V 0126-3, EN50521, 2 PFG 1169, etc. In 2019, we expand exporting market with our main products, solar cable and PV connector (H1Z2Z2-K, PV1-F, PV2000DC, TCA, SSPV-00X series). As a responsible brand, SOWELLSOLAR makes a solemn promise to current resistance, irradiation and crosslinking are qualified. There is no shortage of each batch. We have product development, production service system as we work to provide world-wide customers base with superior products and services.our company maintains 2 manufacturing facilities in China’s Huzhou and Ningbo roughly covering a production area of 50,616 square meters and employs 11 production lines with a capacity to produce more than 300km of solar cables per day.

Our mainly products include Tinned CU-AL alloy PV cable (TCA), tinned copper PV cable (62930IEC131, H1Z2Z2-K, PV1-F, PV2000DC), PV Connector, PV Junction box, etc.

PV cables are manufactured according to the following standards: IEC62930, EN50618, 2 PFG 1169, UL4703, 2 PFG 2642, IEC62852.

Product Application

Photovoltaic cables are cables specifically used in solar power generation systems. Photovoltaic cables are typically designed to connect solar panels to components such as inverters and batteries in order to deliver the DC power generated by the solar panels to the grid or for use in self-sufficient systems. These cables need to be UV, weather, oil and corrosion resistant to withstand outdoor and harsh environmental conditions.

When selecting photovoltaic cables, factors such as the cable's rated voltage, current carrying capacity, durability and safety need to be considered to ensure system reliability and performance. The use of photovoltaic cables helps optimize the efficiency of solar power generation systems and ensures that electrical energy can be transmitted and utilized effectively.

Production Market

European market, South American market, Southeast Asian market, African market

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