UL 4703 10 AWG PV Cable
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UL 4703 10 AWG PV Cable

SOWELLSOLAR have got UL certificate, with the ability to sell to US market, that's been a key feature. Although there is tariff issue, SOWELLSOLAR as Chinese supplier, still supply high quality UL 4703 10 AWG PV Cable to them. 8AWG, 10AWG,12AWG all are best. PV cable refers to a type of cable specifically designed for use in solar power systems. These cables are used to connect solar panels to other components of the system, such as inverters, charge controllers, and batteries. Many Americans would choose them use on rooftops. It can help them to save much money.

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Product Description

UL 4703 is a standard developed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for photovoltaic (PV) cables. The UL 4703 standard specifies the requirements for the construction, materials, and performance of PV cables. SOWELLSOLAR most common type is known as photovoltaic cable (UL 4703 10 AWG PV Cable). PV cables are typically made of copper conductors with a special insulation and jacketing material that provides protection against environmental factors. They are available in different sizes and specifications to accommodate various solar power system designs and requirements.

When installing solar panels, it is important to use appropriate solar cables to ensure safety and optimal performance of the system. PV cable of SOWELLSOLAR can meet all the requirements, whether it's voltage or current, both are stable.

1.Applicability: This specification covers the construction and characteristics as follows.

2.Rating: voltage: 1000/2000V

3.Product description:UL 4703

(1) Conductor: Aluminum conductor

(2) External insulation: 90°C XLPE

(3) Internal insulation: 90°C XLPE

(4) color: Core: black jacket or black

temperature: 90°C

Cross section:

5.Marking :

(UL) E332231 Type PV Wire **AWG 90°C Dry and Wet 1000/2000V Sun Res -40°C VW-1 FRCABLE SOWELLSOLAR

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