1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable
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1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable

SOWELLSOLAR manufacture different voltage and different conductor types of photovoltaic cables, 1000V,1500V,2000V. It is used to connect the solar panels to the inverter or charge controller, allowing the generated electricity to be converted and used. 1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable was first officially released by TUV Rhein in 2007, the product model is PV1-F. The rated voltage is 1000V and it is still one of the main standards of our country. The system rated voltage is 1000V not 1800V, 1800V is the rated voltage between the conductors. When the user selects this standard of photovoltaic cable, it should refer to the ground rated voltage 1000V as the system rated voltage. Electron- beam cross-linked XLPO material and tinned copper conductor are necessary. High-quality tinned copper conductor is anti-oxidation and increases service life.

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Product Description

1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable is TUV approved, conductivity is good. 1000V rating indicates that the cable is designed to handle a maximum voltage of 1000 volts. This is important as solar panels can generate high voltages, especially in larger systems, and the cable needs to be able to safely carry and transmit this voltage without any issues. 1000V Solar Photovoltaic Cable is typically made of high-quality materials that are resistant to UV radiation and extreme weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity in outdoor installations.

It is designed to be flexible, making it easier to install and route through various components of the solar power system. Two colors can be chosen. The regular package is 100m/200m/500m and 1000m, also can be customized. When selecting a 1000V solar photovoltaic cable, It is recommended to consult with a professional or refer to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure the correct cable is selected for your specific solar power system.

● Dual wall insulation. Electron beam cross-linked

● Excellent resistance to U.V., water, oil, greases, oxygen, ozone and general weathering

● Excellent resistance to abrasion

● Excellent flexibility and stripping performance

● Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity

● High current carrying capacity

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