AC Solar Power Cable
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AC Solar Power Cable

SOWELLSOLAR AC Solar Power Cable is TUV certified and made in China from high-quality PVC insulation. This type of cable has excellent resistance to UV radiation and fit bad weather conditions, it’s versatile and durable. 450/750V, Operating temperature: -20℃ to +90℃.

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Product Description

SOWELLSOLAR AC Solar Power Cable is suitable for use outdoors Suitable for equipment used in commercial operations such as heating plates, hand lights, power tools such as drills or circular saws. For fixed installation on plaster and temporary buildings. When installed in ducts or similar closed systems, the use of cables with voltages up to 1000 V AC or up to 750 V DC (to earth) is permitted.


Heat Resistance: Because cables will withstand the electrical energy generated in solar systems, they often need to have high heat resistance to handle potentially high-temperature environments.

Weather Resistance: Because solar cables are typically used in outdoor environments, they are generally weather-resistant and resistant to the effects of UV radiation, moisture, and other natural elements.

Fire resistance: In some areas, solar cables are required to meet fire resistance standards to increase safety.

Flexibility: Some solar cables are designed to be flexible and bendable to more easily adapt to different curves and shapes during installation.

Standards Compliance: Cables are often required to comply with specific electrical and safety standards to ensure their reliability and safety during use.

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