What is a photovoltaic cable?


Photovoltaic cable is a composite material cable installed on solar cell modules, which is composed of galvanized steel wire covered with an insulation material in two operating forms (i.e. single core and double core). It can be used in solar cell circuits to transport electrical energy, which allows photovoltaic cells to provide necessary energy support for the power system.

What is a photovoltaic cable

1、 Features

1. Safety: Photovoltaic cables have good electromagnetic compatibility, high electrical and voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, weather aging resistance, stable and reliable insulation performance, ensuring the balance of AC levels between different devices, and meeting the requirements of safe operation.

2. Economy: The special structure of photovoltaic cables gives them the advantage of cost-effectiveness in transmitting electrical energy, which is more energy-efficient than ordinary PVC wires. They can timely and accurately diagnose system damage, improve the safety and stability of system operation, and reduce maintenance costs.

3. Easy installation: Photovoltaic cables have a smooth surface, are easy to separate, can be quickly plugged and unplugged, are flexible in application, and are easy to install. They can be quickly installed by installers and can also be arranged in a configuration system, greatly improving the distance between devices and improving spatial efficiency.

4. Environmental friendliness: The raw materials of photovoltaic cables are prepared according to the environmental protection material indicators and their formulas. Any toxins and exhaust gases released during use and installation meet environmental requirements.

2、 Application

1. Wind energy application: Photovoltaic cables are often used in wind power plants to provide electricity and power interfaces for photovoltaic systems and wind power generation system devices.

2. Solar energy application: Photovoltaic cables are used in solar power generation applications to connect solar cell modules, collect solar energy, provide safe energy transportation for the power system, and improve power supply efficiency.

3. Power plant application: Photovoltaic cables can also be used in power plants to connect power devices, collect electricity generated, ensure the stability of power system quality, reduce power generation costs, and improve power supply efficiency.

4. Other applications: In addition, photovoltaic cables can also be used to connect solar trackers, solar inverters, solar panels, and solar lamp applications, especially the technology used to simplify cables plays a very important role in vertical design, which can save time, improve work efficiency, and other advantages.

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